Cognitive Functional Foods Grow in Popularity Among Consumers

Mon 28 Aug 2017

Cognitive Functional Foods Grow in Popularity Among Consumers

Foods that improve brain function are set for strong growth in the coming years.

In 2015, Euromonitor reported the cognitive food and beverage market had a global value of $478 million. Furthermore, the overall functional and fortified food market was valued at €38 billion as general consumers begin to favour these over supplements. (Euromonitor)

What are Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancers?

“Nootropics help to improve focus, aid memory, enhance learning and maintain brain health.” Explains Adam Scott, senior product development executive at Cambridge Commodities.

“Caffeine and theanine are well-known cognitive stimulants that have been shown to improve focus and attention, making it ideal for sports nutrition products to enhance performance and focus.”

“As well as improved focus, mood enhancement is also a big element of nootropics. Enhancing your mood can lead to more energy, greater confidence and boosted cognitive ability. Herbs and plants used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine have been well-studied for their cognitive enhancement and mood improvement such as bacopa monnieri, which has been shown to reduce anxiety and increase brain chemicals that promote happiness.” Adam explains.

Our nootropic peach blend contains botanical ingredients that have been well researched for their use in improved memory, increased focus and enhanced concentration. It can be used in a variety of convenient formats including drinks, gels and snacks.

CCL nootropic products:

  • Nootropic peach blend – P33373
  • Nootropic functional gel
  • Coffeine® natural powdered caffeine extract – P0359
  • Theanine – P20038
  • Avena sativa – P15015

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