Study: Protein Based Supplement Could Help Muscle Strength in the Elderly

Thu 10 Aug 2017

Study: Protein Based Supplement Could Help Muscle Strength in the Elderly

A new study conducted at the McMaster University in Canada has revealed elderly men had an increase in muscle strength and lean mass following consumption of a whey protein based supplement.

During the study, participants were required to take a supplement consisting of whey protein, creatine, vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. The groups then undertook a 12-week programme of resistance exercise training and high-intensity interval training whilst still taking the protein based supplement or a placebo.

Throughout the exercise regime both groups saw improvements in muscle strength, physical function, aerobic capacity and metabolic health. However, there was a significant difference between the placebo group and protein supplement group in the improvement of upper body strength.

The findings of the study indicate that protein-based supplements could be beneficial for treating sarcopenia, the decline of muscle strength and mass in the elderly. Research into sarcopenia has suggested that brief periods of physical inactivity can lead to substantial declines in strength and lean mass as well as metabolic health.

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