Wild Yam Extract 16% Diosgenin

Product No. P2305

Also known as Dioscorea villosa and Dioscorea opposita.

Mexican Wild Yam is considered stronger in its constituents than the American variety. Wild Yam does not contain DHEA, but is considered to be a hormonal precursor, helping the body to make hormones. Its traditional use is for easing menstrual cramps and for the prevention of miscarriage. It is a uterine tonic during pregnancy. Small frequent doses during pregnancy may help to alleviate nausea.

Its antispasmodic property is beneficial for colic and flatulence caused by muscle spasms; for poor circulation and neuralgia; for the inflammatory stage of rheumatory arthritis; and for abdominal and intestinal cramping. It is very beneficial for nervousness & restlessness. As a stimulant for increased bile flow, it helps to relieve hepatic congestion, bilious colic and gallstones, but in higher doses, it may act as an emetic.

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