Folic Acid 96-102%

Product No. P0607

Also known as Folacin, Folate, Vitamin Bc or Vitamin M.
Folic Acid is a water soluble member of the vitamin B complex. It is essential to the formation of red blood cells and can aid in protein metabolism. Babies are significantly protected from neural-tube defects, such as spina bifida, if women get the recommended double RDA at the time of conception and during early pregnancy. It is essential for the division of body cells and needed for the utilization of sugar and amino acids.

Folic Acid has been said to be able to lower homocysteine levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, protect against birth defects, improve lactation and protect against intestinal parasites and food poisoning.

It has also been noted that it could promote healthier-looking skin, act as an analgesic for pain, increase appetite if you are run-down, and may even delay hair greying when used in conjunction with pantothenic acid and PABA.

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