Product No. P11761

  • Equisetum Arvense
  • 7% Silica from Equisetum Arvense
  • Vegan
  • Low Solvent Extraction 
Horsetail Extract 7.0% Low Ethanol is a yellowish-brown extract of the stems of Equisetum Arvense L. Known as the common horsetail, it is a herbaceous perennial plant of the Equisetopsida (the horsetails) family. It grows widely throughout the arctic and mild regions of the northern hemisphere.

In Vitro studies with horsetail extract, it is suggested that the silica content supresses activation and proliferation of lymphocytes and is of potential use in the treatment of inflammatory disease. In human trials horsetail extract has also been shown to act as a diuretic. 

Horsetail Extract 7.0% Low Ethanol is extracted using a low ethanol solvent and is suitable for vegans.

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